ABC Children’s Book Publishing

ABC Package

Purity at best! This is where every children’s book writer should start when publishing their own children’s book. Our ABC Children’s Book Publishing is a perfect way to bootstrap your journey towards becoming the next bestselling author.

 Publishing Features

  • One-on-one Author Support

  • Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-Book)

  • Paperback Publishing

  • Cover and Interior Customization

  • Up to 25 image Insertions

  • Interior Revisions – One Block of 25

  • Professional Marketing Consultation

  • Distribution thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers

  • ISBN assignment

  • US Copyright Registration


  • 6,000 Words Advance Editing


  • 8 Paperback Author copy

  • Premier Paperclips Digicopy

Marketing Features

  • Amazon Look Inside

  • Amazon Author Central Profile

  • Paperclips Book Preview

  • Paperclips Author’s Nook

  • Paperclips Half Page Ad

  • 12-Months Booksellers Return Program