Publishing Programs

Legaia Books offers publishing programs and options to help make the vision for your book a reality. Experience true literary freedom and maintain total creative control of your book—from editing and proofreading to cover design and page layout; from distribution and royalties to marketing and bookselling, you choose what you want for your book.

Best of all, we upload your work on Amazon so it stays there for good and be ready for Printing 24/7 on Demand. We also partner with Paperclips Magazine to help you promote your book and reach maximum visibility worldwide.

So choose which package suits you best!

Industry Standard Publishing Programs

The Industry Standard Publishing Programs is an economical selection of publishing platforms for authors whose regard for quality is very important than just vague evaluations and advice. Plus, customize your publishing platform by upgrading your program when the need arises during the production process or after the book is live.

Starter Publishing Program | Essential Publishing Program | Prodigy Publishing Program

Marketing Oriented Programs

Launch your book project with the publishing and marketing services in the Marketing Oriented Programs. We’ve combined the features of our Industry Standard Programs with added marketing features that creates an ultimate platform for your book once it hits the market. From creation to bookselling, these packages will help you make your mark in the literary world.

Springset Publishing Program | Mainframe Publishing Program | Spotlight Publishing Program

Children’s Book Publishing

Since early learners have different reading abilities compared to others, and therefore have different reading comprehension, children’s books may not be just like that. Legaia further classifies children’s books genre into three packages, categorized based on the target age range, mainly: ABC, School Play, and Next Gen. With these subdivisions, your book will achieve clearer and stronger publishing and marketing platforms.

ABC Children’s Book Publishing | School Play Children’s Publishing | Next Gen Children’s Publishing


Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping and handling for complimentary titles and printed galley, if any, are not included in the publishing program price. Some restrictions may apply.