Music and Audio Services

Music creates a fine tune rhythm of relaxation, interest and a craving towards the human brain. While that’s a different industry for creativity, music behind the scenes had helped catapult books, movies and events in a high marketing level. Adding music into your marketing platform provides you a new avenue for you and your book to gather readers and visibility in a very congested book market. Social media platforms like Youtube and Vimeo makes music marketing engaging and value driven for you and your book readers.


Nursery Rhyme Animation is a must-have marketing for all aspiring children’s book authors. This becomes your ultimate introduction to the children’s market because today, children while not all but most, have access to smartphones, smart TVs, and other video gadgets. Creating space and opportunities for a very lucrative market for advertisers to be creative in marketing their products to children and that includes nursery rhyme animation distribution. Remember that time when you used to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars”? Yes, that simple nursery rhyme is now available to see on the internet with millions of views from kids with characters being introduced to them daily.

Our Animated Nursery Rhyme service includes your own Royalty Free Music version of a famous nursery rhyme for a maximum of 2 minutes and six of your children’s book characters illustrated in 2D animation based on your chosen nursery rhyme.



Audiobook is becoming the thing of this new generation’s digital revolution. Forget the digital ebook, here’s a more comfortable way to read a new book— “listening”. Though audiobooks are great with the Audiobook Custom Music, we can make it greater. Adding this service to your audiobook package will provide sound animation, effects, and a custom music.  Remember that time when you wrote in your book about your character driving a car or opening a door? Well yes, your readers will certainly hear them opening that door when the narrator reads that part— your book will be like a movie but narrated.


FULL PRODUCTION ($3,500/song)

Full music production is the process of taking a demo track sent by the artist which is then transformed by the ‘Music Producer’ into a professional sounding record.

Music Producers can be viewed in the same role that directors serve for film. They creatively guide & direct the process of making a record. That can include being a critical part of the creative process, such as deciding what instruments are used and contributing to song arrangements.

In full production the Music Producer records all the instruments for the artist which will be then mixed and mastered ready for distribution.


MIXING AND MASTERING (Price will vary)

Mixing is the process of combining all the instruments you’ve recorded into a stereo 2-track mix (left-right or surround if that’s your thing). A good mix will let you hear all the instruments clearly and with detail. It will have depth and motion. It will sound good and support the intention of the music.

Then the mixed track will be mastered ready for distribution.

Mastering is the term most commonly used to refer to the process of taking an audio mix and preparing it for distribution. There are several considerations in this process: unifying the sound of a record, maintaining consistency across an album, and preparing for distribution.