Paperclips Must Reads $400

The Paperclips Magazine is a social online magazine that showcases books and author experiences in the publishing industry. It features influential authors and diverse titles that enable book readers to interact and learn about new ideas and good reads worldwide. The magazine channels distribution via digital technology, helping books featured in its ads to gain more exposure to new readers through handheld devices and computers.

The Paperclips Magazine Featured Pages or the Must Reads Section are limited slots of featured stories, articles, book reviews, and more. These reader grabber features allow our magazine advertisers to create an influential gimmick to entice Paperclips Subscribers to know more about the author, the book, and the reason why they should read it.

A full circulation denotes 2 million online impressions in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand subscribers of the general Paperclips Magazine. That translates to your ad appearing in every social media tracked by our marketing team.

  • The Must Reads subscription is valid for 3 months.
  • In the 3 months duration the author can publish unlimited number of articles in the Must Reads Section.
  • Author article submission is subject for review and might be returned for additional editing.
  • All approved articles will be posted in your Author’s Nook Profile in Paperclips Magazine.
  • Author can opt-in for a $50 charge for each article editorial.

Contact your publishing consultant by calling 1-844-692-2665 to book your slot or to get more information about Paperclips Advertising Services.