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Custom AudioBook Music $2,499

Audiobook is becoming the thing of this new generation’s digital revolution. Forget the digital ebook, here’s a more comfortable way to read a new book— “listening”. Though audio books are great but with the Audiobook Custom Music, we can make it greater. Adding this service to your audiobook package will provide sound animation, effects, and a custom music.  Remember that time when you wrote in your book about your character driving a car or opening a door? Well yes, your readers will certainly hear them opening that door when the narrator reads that part— your book will be like a movie but narrated.



How does it work | Music Marketing

1. This service require you to have an audiobook ready for your book.
2. We will need you to submit a workable file for your audiobook (.mp3, .wav, .wma).
3. As soon as you submit your audiobook and your manuscript, our editors will review your work for possible effects inclusion and will send you a proposal.
4. We will send you a Brief form for you to guide us on what you want to hear as your official music for the book.
5. Once we have all of these signed and filled up, we will start working on your Custom Audiobook Music that will take 30 working days to fulfill.


To learn more about how Custom Audiobook Music can help you with your book’s marketing please call us at 1-844-692-2665.