Weigh Your Options: Pros and Cons of Book Signing Event

Book signing is an event wherein you go to a venue, sit down, and wait for a book lover or fan to come up to you and have a copy of your book signed. If done correctly and in the right environment, book signing can be used as an opportunity to publicize and market your published Legaia Books work.


Good: You can sell the book.

Since book signing is an event that can double as a marketing event for your book, it is mostly guaranteed that you will be able to sell at least one book.


Bad: It can be a waste of time.

Yes, book signing can be a waste of time. Just imagine sitting in a book signing event for five hours but you only sold one copy of your book. Although you are indeed getting your work out there, the return of investment you receive from it is negligible.


Good: You can inspire others and/or sell your cause.

Sometimes, you are writing a book for a cause. It may be a charity or a movement. At times, it may also be because you want to inspire others. Having a book signing is one way to inspire other people and get your inspirational message across to them.


Bad: Your personal beliefs may trigger hostility.

This will depend on what message or cause you are fighting for though. If your beliefs seem to be going against the norm, some people may think of you as a deviant. Going for a book signing when your work is too controversial and is not easy for people to accept will guarantee that you’ll receive hostility on site.


Good: Meet the Target Audience

The book signing allows you to meet your readers face-to-face. Remember that your readers are the perfect critics to your work. Through the book signing, you get to know what your readers like and dislike about your masterpiece.


Bad: The target audience you meet cannot necessarily represent your reader base.

Book signing is the event where you can meet with your target audience. However, the number of target audience coming to your book signing event cannot represent your reader base. Thus, the information you get from them may not be helpful for future references at all.

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