Understanding Royalties

At Legaia Books, you receive quarterly royalties on each and every purchase of your book, whether it is bought directly from the Legaia Books Bookstore or online book retailers worldwide including Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know about how royalties are calculated. You earn royalties every time a book is printed to fulfill a new customer order place on Amazon.com, Amazon’s European websites, your Legaia Books USA Sales, or through sales channels offered with Expanded Distribution. A royalty is calculated based on the list price you set for the location where your book is printed. Our printer, distributors and shipping take their share (which is comprised of a percentage of the list price for each sales channel, the fixed charged and per page charged based on the print location) from the list price and the rest is your royalty earned. Meaning, you get 100% royalty from all the books your title sells.

You will receive your royalty every 20th day of a quarter. There is also a threshold of $100 before we send the royalty to you.