How does the book-publishing process work?

Here in Legaia, we give professional advice, guidelines, and options but you decide what’s best for your book. Throughout our author-centric publishing process, you collaborate with a personal team of publishing consultants to ensure your vision is translated into a custom-designed book. Our publishing consultants provide advice for you to reach your publishing goals while you maintain creative control. We design the book around your ideas and goals.

Here’s the flow:

  • Once we receive all of your materials, your manuscript will undergo reviews.
  • After reviewing your manuscript, your book will now proceed to publishing proper:
    1. Book Design – book designers and cover designers will collaborate with you to choose the most attractive and readable design for your genre. We will design your book interior and cover, and will send you a galley proof to review.
    2. Editorial Phase – editing process will start together with the book design. Editorial phase depends on what Package you’ve availed for. See for details. Your manuscript will be given back to you with all the editorial highlights. After all corrections/issues are applied, and everything has been approved between you and the editors, your manuscript is now ready for the next stage.
    3. Content Layout – As soon as editorial phase is done, our layout artists will now work on your book. We’ll send you a copy of the layout for you to review. Any request you raise will be entertained in accordance to your privileges.
    4. Ready for Publication. Your book is turned into an electronic computer file that contains all the content – words, pictures, tables, and other elements, which include formatting specifications. From this file, we can generate books in a wide range of formats: hardcover and paperback books, downloadable electronic books and eBooks.