The Last Resort

The missing link between a successful
career and a happy life

The Last Resort by Peter Elebash


A fascinating story of one man’s journey—from a small Southern town to a New England prep school, then Yale, serving in the Green Berets, and on to a career involving many facets of marketing some of the finest properties in the USA. This story is filled with an amazing array of sports activities: scratch golfer as a teenager; competing in Junior Vet tennis tournaments as an adult; court tennis in New York and Newport; 30 years on horses as a polo player; foxhunting in Ireland; shooting quail, doves, ducks, and turkeys in the US; driven grouse and pheasants in England; skiing in the US and St. Moritz; and one hazardous day on the Cresta Run in St. Moritz.

Through four marriages and three children, Peter Elebash manages to build a successful career and ultimately finds his missing link: the salvation grace of Jesus Christ. There are lessons to be learned as his story unfolds. There were formidable obstacles to overcome at every twist and turn. In the end, it turned out well, but that was far from certain at numerous points along the way. It is a fast-paced, engaging story.

Learn replicable life lessons from this engaging memoir.

The Last Resort by Peter Elebash is now available on Amazon.


  • The Last Resort
  • The Last Resort

    By Peter Elebash

    Genre: Biography & Memoir

    Paperback: 334 pages

    Publisher: Legaia Books USA

    ISBN-10: 1946946850

    ISBN-13: 978-1946946850





About the Author

Peter Elebash, a father of three, is a retired real estate professional who authored the book “The Last Resort”. The book tells his own life story – a retelling of his journey to success. Retired from a very interesting career in real estate, representing elegant residential/resort properties.

One and only book, “The Last Resort”, my life story from sleepy southern towns, to a high-powered prep school and on to Yale where I paid my way through college playing Dixie trumpet in my band, The Yale Bullpups. Keen on many sports- golf, tennis, fox hunting, polo, upland game shooting. Now at 81, I am relegated to playing backgammon which does not require any athletic ability, just steady nerves and clever strategies. Also, a voracious reader, mostly bios of American leaders. And, the Bible daily.

Peter have been mightily blessed by God, and now try to help others who are less fortunate. Also mentoring small group of male students at Palm Beach Atlantic University, located just a few blocks from our home in Trump Plaza, the tallest residential building in West Palm Beach

Peter Elebash is a published author of Legaia Books USA. Know more about Legaia books here


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