The Child of Gulag

Not losing humanity amidst the horrors of Stalin’s prison camps:

The Child of Gulag by Yuri Feynberg


“The author very well documented every detail that it virtually brings you back to his time. Definitely, a must read!” says a reader’s review of The Child of Gulag by Yuri Feynberg on Amazon.

The book, The Child of Gulag is based on the life of author Yuri Feynberg, who is one of the last surviving children of the Soviet Penal System, known to the world as the GULAG. Although not a prisoner, Yuri spent his childhood behind the barbed wired fence in a remote Siberian hard labor camp, where his mother worked as a medical doctor. As the only child there, he lived among Stalin’s political prisoners, hardcore criminals, and security guards. This extraordinary childhood created an unusual personality and an unbendable character, which made it possible for Yuri to excel in the Soviet Special Forces, survive prosecution, and overcome unfathomable personal tragedies without losing his humanity.

Here are what other readers thought about The Child of Gulag:
“Unexpectedly good reading. Well written, a story full of surprises”

“Exceptional read. With a naturalist touch, the personal accounts of this man come alive. After a while, I couldn’t put the book down. It was like hearing the voice of the author in my ears as I read this book.”

“I was skeptical as I started reading the prologue to The Child of Gulag, but as I got to the first chapter, I couldn’t put the book aside – fascinating, wellwritten with masterful descriptions of the people and especially the nature of Siberia. A great read for anyone”

The Child of Gulag by Yuri Feynberg is available on Amazon


  • The Child of Gulag

    The Child of Gulag

    By Yuri Feynberg

    Genre: Biography & Memoir

    Publisher: : Legaia Books USA

    Paperback: 512 pages

    ISBN-10: 1946946044

    ISBN-13: 978-1946946041





About the Author

Dr. Yuri C. Feynberg was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He’s now currently living in Fort Lee, New Jersey, with his wife and only daughter.

As one of the last surviving children of the Soviet Penal System in the devastatingly traumatic time of Post-World War II, Yuri has dedicated his life in helping the most vulnerable and people that had lost hope. Most of his careers focused on children with developmental disabilities. As soon as he graduated with an MA in Special Education and Speech Pathology at St. Petersburg Pedagogical University, he worked as a special education teacher and speech therapist in a residential school for students with developmental disabilities, where he later became the principal. He earned his Doctoral Degree in Public Administration in the United States; and in 1991, started Life Adjustment Center for developmentally disabled.

Dr. Yuri is a published author of Legaia Books USA. Know more about Legaia books here


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