End of Net Neutrality: How It Affects Online Bookstores

Despite overwhelming support, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted 3-2 in favor of ending net neutrality. This decision has ruffled quite a few feathers. It is so with online digital bookstores, book marketers, editors, and Legaia Books publishing authors. After all, many rely on the Internet to obtain free resources. The repeal of net neutrality policy means the resources they require will no longer be freely available to them.


What is Net Neutrality And What It Means to End It

Net neutrality is just one of the many policies to be thankful to Obama for. The idea behind net neutrality is that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should treat all data (i.e., music, email, and video) the same.

Ending net neutrality is good for ISPs but definitely bad for users. After all, this move means that ISPs can arbitrarily adjust the cost, speed, and access to different types of data and/or website. The biggest losers when net neutrality ends, aside from the users, are the online bookstores.


How Online Bookstores are Affected

Online bookstores are definitely affected with the ending of net neutrality. For example, smaller-sized online bookstore are put at a disadvantage. Without net neutrality, Internet service providers can slow down Internet services they provide. After that, they can create “fast lanes” for VIP customers. In such a scenario, only larger bookstores can afford to use the Internet. Their revenues are comparably higher than small-scale online bookstores. They are the only ones who can avail of the Internet.

Aside from those fast lanes, there’s also the “premium content”. ISPs can tag several contents – for example, videos – as premium content. Smaller bookstores are hence unable to take advantage of this particular. After all, this means they will need to pay a hefty premium just for its usage.

Another case is when the online bookstore failed to come to an agreement from one service provider. Internet users of that particular ISP might end up seeing “blocked content” in their browser when accessing the bookstore’s site. If this happens, the bookstore loses potential revenue and exposure.


Net neutrality should remain. Legaia Books and many others in the digital literary world believe that everyone has the freedom to share their masterpieces to the world without the sky-high price tags.

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