Awesome Secrets of Nonfiction Publicity

Publishing a nonfiction book entails book publicity. So you’ve already published it online – on Amazon, Kindle, and other platforms. However, have you prepared to increase your book’s visibility online? Do you have a suitable publicity strategy to follow to increase exposure and book sales? If not, here are some secrets uncovered for proper nonfiction book publicity:

Create a marketing hook.

A marketing hook is a short phrase that entices the readers to your book. The best way to create a marketing hook is to not tell them what the book is about but tell them what is in it for them if they read your book.

Traditional publishing gives you more credibility.

Authors gain more credibility and recognition when they get published traditionally first before they self-publish their book. You also have more access to platforms such as Barnes & Nobles when you have been associated with a publishing company before.

Keep in touch with potential clients.

Contact influencers and potential clients. In fact, it is highly recommended to make connections on a daily basis. You should be diligent as it will help you expand your network. With an expanded network, you can target more and more potential buyers interested in your book.

Create an email list.

A strong, targeted email list will not only help increase exposure for your book, it also allows you to connect with more influencers and agents who can help you with book marketing. If you have an email list that targets your particular demographic profile, then you can draw out more book sales.

Pay attention to social media.

Your social media accounts play an active part in building your email list. In selling your book, these social media accounts are platforms for online marketing. However, don’t think of using your social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to “sell” your book to your audience. What you have to think about first is building trust with the target you’ve reached. Increased book sales will come after. Building trust will take time and effort so be patient.

Amazon and Author Central.

Amazon is known for its Author Central website. This page is where authors, regardless if they are self-published or traditionally published, can create their own Author Page. The Author Page will contain your photo, website links, biography, and the likes. It also makes book purchasing easier for your target readers.

A similar offering to Author Central is Paperclips Magazine’s Author’s Nook.

Consider speaking engagements.

Speaking engagements at local clubs, groups, and organizations such as Toastmasters is a great way to increase exposure. You can start with free speaking engagements, especially if it is relevant to publishing a nonfiction book. After a while, when you’ve learned the basics of the craft, you can start charging your client. Increased exposure and sales for your book is a bonus.

A publicist may not necessarily help you out.

A publicist can help you out, especially when creating an initial media hype for your book. However, a publicist can be extremely expensive. You may find it difficult to recoup your investment of hiring a publicist. Before you hire a publicist, check the professional’s record first and evaluate if hiring him or her is the best choice.

Adopt an attitude of “giving”.

With the existence of Internet, many people think that they can get whatever digital information they want online. There’s the expectation of sharing, after all. When you want more exposure for your book, give away as much as you can. For example, give producers, interviewers, or publicists as much material as they want. It can greatly help with book marketing.

Are you into publishing a nonfiction book? These secrets may be of help to you then. If you have other secrets that can help with your book’s publicity, do share it with us here. If you need help with publishing though, Legaia Books have publishing consultants you can call at 1 (844) 692-2665.

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