5 Truths of Publishing That May Make or Break You

Before you dive head first into publishing and advertising a book in US, it is imperative that you first get to know more about the industry. There are facts and truths that you have to face as these can make or break your career. Getting things straight right from the start can prevent you from wasting time, money, and effort.

Some Myths About Publishing

It may be true with other writers but majority of those aspiring authors will find that the following principles or beliefs aren’t really applicable to them:

  • Media attention can help produce a bestseller.
  • Signing with a book publisher means they will do all the work.
  • I can self publish on my own.
  • Once I get published, everything will fall in place for my writing career.

The Facts

Now here’s the truth about publishing that you should keep in mind:

  1. An agent is necessary. Traditional publishing is more efficient with the help of a literary agent. Authors with literary agents, most of the time, get taken seriously by publishers. Moreover, they get higher advances as well.
  2. You need a platform for your work. As an author, you need to have some sort of content delivery platform. Many options are available for you nowadays. You can take advantage of podcasts, radio shows, blogs, and the likes for that.
  3. The publisher won’t do everything for you. They will prefer an author who takes part in advertising their book. After all, the publisher has already invested in you. The publisher will find you a great investment if you can help them recoup their investment as soon as possible.
  4. Media exposure doesn’t equal to sales. What actually helps in selling a book is book reviews, word-of-mouth, close friend’s recommendations, and the likes. That’s why your basic strategy in promoting your book should include building trust and being generous. If you need to, give away free books.
  5. Publishing one book can’t make you rich anymore. This is all thanks to the fact that there’s too much supply of good books and too many competition. Royalty rates aren’t as high as back in the days when Danielle Steel or Stephen King published their first book.

Do you have other truths about publishing that you know of? Share it with us here in Legaia Books.

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