5 Common Manufacturing Missteps Authors Should Know

Whether you are traditionally publishing or self-publishing your books, becoming familiar with the manufacturing process is one of the things you have to do. This way, you can efficiently produce your book. Mistakes must be avoided as much as possible. After all, one mistake can lead to undoing all of the previous efforts you’ve put forth in the book manufacturing process.

Here are top mistakes in the book publishing process that authors and publishers should pay attention to:

Using Low-Res Images

The book publishing industry has already set a standard for the resolution to be used in the photos in text and cover. The ideal standard to follow is 300dpi. Going below that is acceptable as long as it doesn’t go below 150dpi. Follow the standard to avoid having low resolution outputs.

Frequent Changes Before Book Printing

In the book printing process, there’s the part called “proofing stage”. This is when you can check for mistakes with the actual printed book in your hands. Having too many corrections during this stage will certainly increase your printing cost. To avoid this mistake, all you have to do is meticulously proofread your manuscript before it reaches the printer.

Inadequate Bleed

In printing, the bleed is an important element. With proper bleeding, the ink at the edges of the page will look natural when cut off during the final processing. Without proper bleeding, a white edge can appear, which may make the page look awkward.

Ordering of Books Beyond the “Sellable” Value

Printers offer huge discounts to clients who order books in bulk. The higher the number of books you want to print, the lower your printing cost. However tempting that may be, make sure that you think twice before ordering too many books. You still have to consider the book’s “sellable” value. Technically, you have to estimate how many books you could actually sell. In addition, you also have to consider if you can recoup your losses for unsold books.

Not Asking for Cover Design Template

You will waste a lot of time if you make a mistake in creating the cover design. That’s why it is highly recommended that you request from the printer a cover design template. You need to follow the template in creating a cover design for your book to avoid having to redo your work.

It can save on time, money, and effort if you can avoid these printing mistakes. If you need help in publishing your book, Legaia Books USA has competent publishing consultants you can always talk to. Give us a call at 1 (844) 692-2665.

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