10 Reasons to Publish with Legaia Books

As an author, you certainly want to get your masterpiece out there. Now, the first question you’d want to ask is how to self publish a book. For that, publishing with Legaia Books is a good option for authors. Why? Here are nine reasons why you should positively consider publishing your manuscript with Legaia Books.


#1. You have control over the content and the design.

Self-publishing with Legaia Books means that you are in charge of the content and design of the book. Of course, you will be working with a professional editorial team as well as professional Legaia Books illustrator. However, you get to suggest and decide on the final output.


#2. You can decide when to stop publishing.

Publishing with traditional publishers means you are entrusting the lifespan of your books to them. If the publishing company decides to print only 1,000 copies of your books with no possibility of a reprint, then you will only see 1,000 copies of your book in bookstores. If you opt for print-on-demand self-publishing, you get to decide when to stop publishing your work.


#3. You can revise books immediately.

No matter how you proofread a book, you will always miss an error or two. A good thing about self-publishing is that you can immediately revise whatever error you see before it gets published. With traditional publishing, the revision will have to go through different hands before it is applied.


#4. You can establish your own name.

Another impressive thing for publishing with Legaia Books is that you can establish your name as an author. The company offers book marketing and advertising services that can help you get the word about your work out there.


#5. You can control your book’s price tag.

In traditional publishing, you won’t have any say in how much your book will cost. The publishing company will be the one to decide that. With self-publishing, you can keep the cost as low as you can to meet your readers or price it as high as possible for the book’s intellectual value. Technically, it is your choice.


#6. You have 100% ownership and rights over your intellectual property.

Self-publishing allows you to retain 100% of your copyright. You are not selling your intellectual property – aka your books – to anyone.


#7. You can enjoy global distribution.

With Legaia Books, your book is distributed globally. After all, the publishing company distributes your work through major online book retailers such as Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.


#8. You don’t need to rent storage space to keep your printed copies.

The company offers a print-on-demand service. That means that a copy of your work will only be printed if an order was placed. You don’t need to worry about where you will put unsold book copies then.


#9. You can enjoy exceptional marketing, advertising, and author support.

The company provides exceptional author support for you. If you have questions or concerns, you have a designated staff you can always call. Aside from author support, the company also offers marketing and advertising services that can put your masterpiece in the limelight.


#10. You can earn higher royalties.

No author will reject higher royalties. By self-publishing, all the profits that result from selling a book will go straight to your pocket.

It is through Legaia Books that you can learn how to self publish a book with peace of mind. Talk to our publishing consultants to have an idea on how we can assist you. You may call us at 1 (844) 692-2665.

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