Paperclips Advertising


The Paperclips Magazine is a social online magazine that showcases books and author experiences in the publishing industry. It features influential authors and diverse titles that enable book readers to interact and learn about new ideas and good reads worldwide. The magazine channels distribution via digital technology, helping books featured in its ads to gain more exposure to new readers through handheld devices and computers.

What you get:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Activity Counter
  • Video/Audio Integration
  • Exposure Boost
  • Social Media Publicity
  • Tagging
  • User Comments
  • Website Integration
  • 1-Click Buy Button
  • Author Profile
  • 1-click Email Subscription
  • Article Edit

Featured Services

Social Media Integration

Social media is the key to marketing, as it provides a way to stay connected with an audience on a daily basis. It is an effective means of communication that simultaneously allows new book titles to brand themselves, develop personality and reach out to existing customers (to maintain loyalty) and potential new ones (to drive interaction and subsequent transactions). Paperclips integrates all magazine articles and ads into multiple social media communities.

Activity Counter

User Activity Counter is a premium web magazine analytics service offered by Paperclips Magazine that tracks and reports article & ads traffic. Advertisers can now review online campaigns by tracking page quality and conversions (goals). Goals might include sales, lead generation, page view time spent and user demographics.

The User Activity Counter approach is to show high-level, dashboard-type data for the casual user, and more in-depth data further into the report set. The User Activity Counter analysis can identify poorly performing pages with techniques such as funnel visualization, where visitors came from (referrers), how long they stayed and their geographical position.

1-Click Buy Button

1-Click Buy Button or one-click buying, is the technique of allowing customers to make online purchases with a single click, with the payment information needed to complete the purchase having been entered by the user previously. More particularly, it allows an online shopper using an internet marketplace to purchase an item without having to use shopping cart software. Instead of manually inputting billing and shipping information for a purchase, a user can use one-click buying to use a predefined address and credit card number to purchase one or more items.

Social Media Publicity

Social media publicity (SMP) is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMP is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a product increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. This same technique will be used to your article and ads to help you reach the right customers via social networking websites.


  • Legaia Books accepts only 1,000 words per article
  • This service is available to books that are Title Live
  • Authors are required to submit an author profile to be eligible for a paperclips author profile
  • Legaia Books reserves the right to refuse a listing if the book does not match the theme for a particular issue

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