Editorial Services

An avid reader knows that no single book is published without an editor/s working behind it. This is because even the best writers make mistakes. May it be technical (grammar, usage of words, punctuation, spelling, etc.) or scholastic (scientific terms, references, factual information, etc.), any errors could mean a total waste and could lessen the reader’s appreciation to it.

Since most writers do not have an ample amount of time to be checking his/her works everytime, they needed someone to do that for them. But that’s nothing to worry about, because Legaia is equipped with the right team and appropriate editorial services to help clarify and improve the quality of your books.

Moreover, Legaia provides quality with a heart. Why does one pay for related services separately? If a copyeditor has time to catch grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc., word by word, he could also notice inconsistencies in the content and should go beyond just fixing those errors instead of waiting for the author to avail for another service, like content editing in particular, which is also a basic concept of editing. That could be an honest display of care. Thus, Legaia redefined all editorial services into two (Basic and Advanced), in order to lessen the customer’s time and money costs. So choose from the two provided services and keep your works from the road of embarrassment.

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Basic Editorial Service

$0.030 per word

The root concept of editing is to fix technical errors from a “finished” work, to improve lines with sophistication, and to improve content base on consistency and accuracy. These are the basics of editing (respectively coined as copyediting, line editing, and content editing). Most authors would have to pay for each. But here in Legaia, all basic editing are packaged into one.

In Basic Editorial Service, your published manuscript isn’t just clean from technical errors (like in grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage, and etc.), but is also improved with line sophistication to catch reader’s attention and taste. Well, literary pieces are best remembered by their catchy lines after all.

Oftentimes, improvement goes beyond just the line. Legaia makes sure that your work will follow consistency and accuracy inorder for the readers to fully appreciate the plot and pace as they read through the paragraphs. The content should be able to connect the idea from the author’s perception to the reader’s comprehension.

Basic Editorial Service is the fundamental bolt of a published manuscript.

Turn around time 30-45 Days


Advanced Editorial Service

$0.060 per word

Preparing the plot of your work would definitely be a heavy task as much as starting the first draft until the final one. For most authors who can’t put their ideas in words, or those who can’t find enough time, Legaia’s professional editors will work on it in their stead.

Advanced Editorial Service includes genre specific editing, ghostwriting and researching. In genre specific editing, editors collaborate with the author from the fabrication of the plot, to the making of a draft, and until the end of the project. Editors are not just randomly picked. Legaia provides you with experts who suit best on the specific genre you envisioned for your project. For the collaboration to be more convenient, especially to non-fictions and science fictions, research is a necessity. Here in Legaia, researching is available for your project and is free of charge.

Ghostwriting is a special case, often complicated, that is never to be put under editorial services but is supposedly under a separate service. However, what Legaia offers here in advanced editorial service is a “verse ghostwriting”. Verses stirs up curiosity and emotion, and could serve as good spies for a better work. Depending on the editors, you may request for an insertion of short poems or verses, which are to be exclusively ghostwritten on your manuscript.

Albeit, editors get to write the work in your stead, Legaia reassures that you always have the full control. Editors are only to assess authors and should never claim authority over any part on the plot. There are many people who could conceive a perfect story but could never indulge into writing. If you are one of them, with advanced editorial service, Legaia is a perfect solution for your ideas to come into fruition.

Turn around time 30-45 Days