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Legaia Books is dedicated to helping aspiring and established authors to market their work. We aim to provide a community of talented individuals helping each other in bringing valuable books to the market. We are in constant need of new people in our community to offer their talents to authors and make dreams happen.

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Before renowned authors, like Michael Morpurgo, Anne Rice, Dr. Seuss and others, got their title as bestsellers, they, together with their publishing team had to court the world when they were still starters. We begin from chasing after readers, just as most renowned authos began from hands-on. Worry not, because here in Legaia, our publishing consultants will serve as your guide to succeed in this venture. He will be responsible for planning, presenting, and managing your campaigns to deliver industry leading publicity for your book. Our publishing consultants are your literary consultants, and will be with you all the way towards success.

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