Will my self-published book with Legaia Books be returnable?

When you approach a self-publishing company, you do away with hassles such as literary agents and having to print your own book – we do this for you. This convenience starts with our publishing process and continues all the way until your book reaches the bookstore.

Many bookstores don’t stock new titles because they don’t want to be stuck with unsold inventory. But booksellers are more likely to stock your book if it’s returnable. At Legaia Books, we give you the option of making your self-published book returnable.

If you choose to participate in the Booksellers Return Program, your book will be classified as returnable in both Ingram’s and Baker & Taylor’s title databases, and bookstores can order your title with the ability to return any unsold copies. You will continue, however, to receive your full royalty on every purchase.

This program supports your marketing efforts and makes your book more attractive to book sellers and retailers. Because most titles offered by other self-publishing companies are not returnable, this program gives Legaia Books authors a distinct advantage when selling and promoting their book.

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