Do I need an ISBN number to self-publish with Legaia Books?

Legaia Books USA will provide a unique ISBN number for your book at no extra charge. An ISBN, which stands for International Standard Book Number, is a standardized number used by publishers and booksellers to distinguish individual books. A book search by ISBN will contain identifiers for a book’s language, along with a unique publisher’s code and an individual title code used to distribute and order your title at booksellers across the world.

Once your manuscript has entered the production process, Legaia Books will assign an ISBN for each version of your book. For example, if you elect to publish your title as a hardcover and as a paperback, each version will receive a unique ISBN so booksellers can distinguish between the two when they search for your books.

Your unique ISBN will be listed on the copyright page at the front of your book. In addition, your ISBN will be incorporated into a bar code on your book’s back cover. This bar code prepares your book to be sold by retail booksellers, and guarantees your self-published title can be ordered from any bookseller in the world.

As of January 1, 2007, new ISBN’s were upgraded from 10 to 13 digits to accommodate growth in the publishing industry. All Legaia Books USA titles published before 2007 were updated from a 10-digit to a 13-digit ISBN, while all new Legaia Books USA titles automatically receive a 13-digit ISBN.

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