When self-publishing is your way of life, you need resources to get you going. Read on for a better self-publishing experience.

Weigh Your Options: Pros and Cons of Book Signing Event

Book signing is an event wherein you go to a venue, sit down, and wait for a book lover or fan to come up to you and have a copy of your book signed. If done correctly and in the right environment, book signing can be used as an opportunity to publicize and market your published Legaia Books work. Good: ...
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13 Scariest Books Ever Written

Horror story authors mainly write their novels to give you a good scare. Both self published books and traditionally published ones, as long as they are good, can induce goosebumps. Read enthralling horror stories and keep yourself tossing and turning in bed at night with these 13 scary books. 'The Shining' by Stephen King The Shining is one of the ...
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What Makes a Great Children’s Book Character

Every child has a favorite bedtime story. It may be Cinderella or Peter Pan. As an author aiming to self publish online, one of the most important things to do is create a character that a child will love. It is imperative to put one's self in the child's shoes and take their interests in mind when conceptualizing a character ...
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10 Successful Self-Published Books to Take Inspiration From

Publishing books is a very tedious process. After the writer completes a manuscript, it will go through proofreading. The creation of illustrations and book covers come next. After the book becomes print ready, the press receives it for printing. Indeed, you need to take a number of steps before successfully publishing a book. Traditionally publishing a book is already a long ...
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5 Common Self-Publishing Myths Every Author Should Know

Self-publishing is just one of the options that potential authors have to get their intellectual property – their books – out there in the market. Self-published, as the name indicates, is publishing the book on your own. Self publishing means being in charge from writing to proofreading to printing to marketing as well as paying for the entire process out ...
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