When self-publishing is your way of life, you need resources to get you going. Read on for a better self-publishing experience.

publishing a nonfiction book

Awesome Secrets of Nonfiction Publicity

Publishing a nonfiction book entails book publicity. So you've already published it online - on Amazon, Kindle, and other platforms. However, have you prepared to increase your book's visibility online? Do you have a suitable publicity strategy to follow to increase exposure and book sales? If not, here are some secrets uncovered for proper nonfiction book publicity: Create a marketing ...
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how to get an ISBN

What You Should Know About ISBN

All those who are involved in the publishing industry - from the publishing company's high management down to that newbie author who hasn't submitted his or her first work yet - knows what ISBN is. ISBN, otherwise known as International Standard Book Number, is an identification number used to identify published works. Basically, it has the same function as the ...
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advertising a book in US

5 Truths of Publishing That May Make or Break You

Before you dive head first into publishing and advertising a book in US, it is imperative that you first get to know more about the industry. There are facts and truths that you have to face as these can make or break your career. Getting things straight right from the start can prevent you from wasting time, money, and effort ...
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how to start the book publication process

7 Reasons Your Book Isn’t Selling Well

What authors want the most is to finish writing their book. Next is to publish it. After that, it will be a dream come true if their book becomes a bestseller. However, not all authors have the ability to have a bestseller on their first (or second!) try. It is especially so if the author doesn't know how to start ...
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how to self publish a book

10 Reasons to Publish with Legaia Books

As an author, you certainly want to get your masterpiece out there. Now, the first question you'd want to ask is how to self publish a book. For that, publishing with Legaia Books is a good option for authors. Why? Here are nine reasons why you should positively consider publishing your manuscript with Legaia Books. #1. You have control over ...
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book publishing contract

Book Contracts: What to Confirm Before Signing

The first contact you made with a publisher is probably enough to get you over moon. Like, "Yay! Some publisher took notice of my book!". That's amazing, really. However, are you prepared for what comes next? Are you ready to talk to the publisher about the book publishing contract while ensuring that you don't get the short end of the ...
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Legaia Books USA

5 Common Manufacturing Missteps Authors Should Know

Whether you are traditionally publishing or self-publishing your books, becoming familiar with the manufacturing process is one of the things you have to do. This way, you can efficiently produce your book. Mistakes must be avoided as much as possible. After all, one mistake can lead to undoing all of the previous efforts you've put forth in the book manufacturing ...
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Publishing Industry of the 21st Century

The publishing industry of the 21st century is a significantly different landscape from how it was many decades ago. Many things have changed. It may be the equipment, the publishing methods, the reader base, or the publishers themselves. Indeed, the publishing industry has dramatically changed over the years. The inexorable changes to the publishing industry can be summed up in ...
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10 Greatest Horror Authors of All Time

If you think about it, publishing horror stories may seem to be a bad idea as most people are scared of it. However, there's a certain charm to horror stories that pull in both those who love and hate it. People just can't stop engaging in these horror stories, especially the ones that give a good scare. For horror stories ...
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End of Net Neutrality: How It Affects Online Bookstores

Despite overwhelming support, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted 3-2 in favor of ending net neutrality. This decision has ruffled quite a few feathers. It is so with online digital bookstores, book marketers, editors, and Legaia Books publishing authors. After all, many rely on the Internet to obtain free resources. The repeal of net neutrality policy means the resources they require will ...
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